Meeting Minutes

This is a list of the meeting minutes from the current year going back 2 years. For any meetings after the last 2 years, please check the Minutes Archive.

To download any of the Documents, click on them and when the viewer window opens, use the download option then save the file to your hard drive.

YearMonthFile Name
2017August Meetingaug2017minutes.pdf
2017July Meetingjul2017minutes.pdf
2017June Meetingjun2017minutes.pdf
2017May Meetingmay2017minutes.pdf
2017April Meetingapr2017minutes.pdf
2017March Meetingmar2017minutes.pdf
2017February Meetingfeb2017minutes.pdf
2016November Meetingnov2016Minutes.pdf
2016October Meetingoct2016minutes.pdf
2016August Meetingaug2016minutes.pdf
2016July Meetingjul2016minutes.pdf
2016June Meetingjun2016minutes.pdf
2016April Meetingapr2016minutes.pdf
2016February Meetingfeb2016minutes.pdf
2015November Meetingnov2015minutes.pdf
2015October Meetingoct2015minutes.pdf
2015April Meetingapr2015minutes.pdf
2015February Meetingfeb2015minutes.pdf
2015January Meetingjan2015minutes.pdf