Annual ARPSC Family Picnic

LOCATION:Ferneding Residence
10840 Gossling Dr
Cincinnati, Oh 45247

DATE/TIME: September 8, 2017 6:00 PM till Dark Local

COST: $10.00 Per person.

TALK-IN: 145.37 Repeater.

Join us for fun, friends, food and of Course RADIO!

Burgers, Brats, Metts and other yummy treats. We welcome any dishes you may want to bring to share. These people have offered to bring the following. Feel free to fill in others:

  • John, KD2L: Baked Beans and Rhubarb Pie
  • Karen, KC8BZL: Chips, Pretzels, Apple Pie and Cookies
  • Don, N8LMJ: Burgers, Brats, Metts, Etc.

I would like to bring:


*Note: The map is offset on purpose to show where the house is in relation to Colerain Ave.