Training Net Coming Home – 06-09-2022

Beginning Thursday 06/09/2022 the ARPSC Training net is moving home. We are moving the net back to the 145.37 – PL 123.0 Repeater. With the improvements made to the repeater, we felt it was time to bring it home.

Monthly Meeting – 06/03/2022 7:30 PM

Remember that our Monthly Club Meeting is this coming Friday at 7:30 PM! As usual, we will be meeting at the Hamilton County Communications Center! Please see the Meeting Page for more information on how to find us in person. We will also be hosting the meeting virtually for those who can’t be there inContinue reading

The Club is now on Discord!

As was mentioned on the net tonight, I have spun up and configured a new Discord Server for the club. This will help us in many ways: – This will replace Jitsi for the virtual meeting room for the club. Jitsi has become quite overloaded recently and just not as reliable as it once was.Continue reading