2019 Ham Radio Year in Preview

From and email sent by Steve, N8TFD. Parts of this original email have been edited. This is a good primer for all the events that will be taking place this year. If you would like to volunteer for any of these events that need Volunteers, please contact Steve and let him know. He will be able to get you in touch with the correct people.


Saturday, April 27:    NVIS antenna day

The Ohio Section of the ARRL created this event a few years ago.  It is
a chance to test NVIS antenna theories.  If the chips are really,
really, really down…then statewide communication won’t be happening on
DMR networks, local VHF/UHF analog, Echolink/IRLP, etc.  It will be on
the low bands (mostly 75m).  Well-considered antenna design and antenna
placement can make statewide communication possible *almost* all day
long, even in daylight hours, in this part of the spectrum.  NVIS
antenna day is a *non-contest* opportunity to test things out, try more
than one antenna in the same QSO, etc.  This event utilizes covered
space for the radios/food/people so even though it’s notorious for
happening on rainy days, it’s a good time.

Friday-Sunday, May 3-5:  21st Flying Pig weekend

In support of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and numerous other
nonprofits (including ourselves), QCEN (and many, many friends) provides
communication support for the Flying Pig events throughout the weekend.
There is a 1-miler on Friday night, a 10K and 5K on Saturday morning,
and full and half marathon on Sunday morning.  The degree of formality,
complexity, and the number of resources needed increase each day.  To
see what last year’s event plan looked like, check out:
http://www.qcen.org/fp2018 (feedback and suggestions about that plan
always welcome, this is the best time of year to get them in!)

Friday-Sunday, May 17-19:  Hamvention

We are fortunate to be within an hour(ish) of one of the largest
gatherings of ham radio operators anywhere.  If you haven’t experienced
this degree of concentrated geekness before, you most definitely

Saturday, June 15:  Milford Hamfest + inaugural W8DXCC

Milford Hamfest is a quality “local” hamfest.  New this year is the inaugural “DX
convention” for the 8th call area — I think that’s pretty cool.  https://www.swodxa.org/w8dxcc/ .

Saturday-Sunday, June 22-23:  ARRL Field Day

This is the annual 24-hour exercise to test “what would you do” in an
emergency situation and more generally to educate ham radio operators and the general public about the multiple facets of ham radio.  We eat well, we do a lot of
radioing.  It’s a good time!  (Yes, we want you to spend time with us —
but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t also check out other
local operations.  We don’t corner the market on good/fun ideas.)

Saturday-Sunday, August 3-4:  bikeMS

In support of the National MS Society, this is 2 1-day bike rides
starting/finishing at Miami U. in Oxford.  We provide communications
support for logistical functions like First Aid (some of their team is
licensed too), sag, checkpoints, etc.  Overnight accommodations are
available if that makes it easier and/or more fun.  Volunteering for
either day is OK, volunteering for both is better!

Saturday, August 24:  Diabetes tour d’Cure

In support of the American Diabetes Association, this is a 1-day bike
ride starting/finishing at the Cincinnati Zoo, and reaching as far north
as central Butler County,  This year’s routes will (probably) be 25, 50,
and 62 (“metric 100”) miles.

Saturday, August 24:  Ohio QSO Party 

The Ohio QSO Party is the one day each year when stations across the
spectrum want to talk to very non-rare Ohio!  The goal is to contact as
many Ohio Counties (88) and non-Ohio states (49) as possible, via CW and

Saturday, September 21:  (coordinated by Hamilton County ARES) Cystic 
Fibrosis Cycle for Life

In support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, this is a 1-day tour from
Lunken to Campbell County/KY and back.

Saturday, September 21:  OhKyIn Hamfest

OhKyIn Hamfest is another quality local hamfest.

Saturday, October 12:  6th Queen Bee Half Marathon and 4-miler

In support of LLS, Girls on the Run, and numerous local nonprofits
(including ours), QCEN and friends will provide communications support
for the Queen Bee Half Marathon and 4-Mile races in the city of
Cincinnati.  To check out last year’s plan, see http://www.qcen.org/qb2018

Sunday, November 10:  (coordinated by KY District 6 ARES)  Honor Run 
Half Marathon and 5K

In support of Honor Flight Tri-State, KY6ET and friends will provide
communications support (relay buses, checkpoints, start/finish, NKY
“command 100”) for the Honor Run Half Marathon and 5K which
starts/finishes under the Florence Y’all water tower.