Amateur Radio Education Classes from QCEN/OHKYIN


In a joint effort, both OHKYIN and QCEN will be offering a formal program for entry-level license study as well as upgrades to General and Extra class.  The approach will be new, and tailored to the Covid-19 situation we find ourselves in.  There will be no lectures or class presentations of material.  Students will get a list of reading assignments for the textbook (the ARRL license manuals) and a recommendation for a YouTube series on their chosen license class.  Then, “tutors” from both clubs will meet on video with the students to answer their questions and go over in detail the elements that students need help with.

The series will start on Monday, April 12th and run each Monday into May.  There will be a VE session on May 22nd at an outdoor park, inside a picnic shelter to provide cover in case of rain.

If you know of someone who is interested in getting licensed, or if you want to upgrade your own license, let us know by sending an email to

We plan on getting the word out to other hams not in our clubs through Facebook and Twitter.  As for non-hams in the community, we’d like to take advantage of any community bulletin boards around the area that we can find, such as grocery stores, libraries, community centers, coffee shops, etc.  If you can help by placing a flyer at one or two locations in your own area, contact me and I’ll send you a .pdf which you can print and post where you can get permission.  Thanks for considering helping in that way.

Please spread the word.  Education is critical to keeping ham radio alive and active.


QCEN Vice President