Annual Family Christmas Dinner Scheduled

Halloween is right around the corner, but we have already set the date, time and location for the Annual Family Christmas Dinner. There are some changes for this year, so please make sure to read on:

This year, we will be having the dinner at the LaRosa’s Pizzeria in White Oak.

The date and time are December 6, 2020 at 2:00 PM. Normally we have it at 6, but this year we are doing more of a lunch than a dinner.

You MUST RSVP this year, due to COVID. There are no exceptions. We need to know who all will be there. We are limited to 25 people, so an RSVP is a must. You can click here and RSVP using this form. Please use this form as we need to track everything and this will make it much easier.

You can get directions and more information on the Annual Family Christmas Dinner page on our website. There is a link to RSVP there as well.