ARPSC Training Net

Every Thursday Night 9:00 PM Local
146.67- (PL 123.0) OHKYIN Repeater

Net Manager: Cameron Cord, KC8UVM
Training Manager: Terry Boyle, NF8B

Click Here for the Net Preamble

A Net Control Log Sheet can be downloaded in Excel or PDF Format.

The ARPSC Training Net is a weekly net held every Thursday Night, with a few exceptions, at 9:00 PM on the 146.67 (PL 123.0). This net is an opportunity for local hams to get announcements about the club and either get practice in skills needed for emergency communications or listen to a training topic that will teach some aspect of emergency communications as well. All Amateurs are invited and very welcome to check into our nets. The more the better.

Net Control Signup

We are always looking for Net Controls for the Training Net. If you would like to sign up for the net, please send an email to with the date you would like volunteer for and your contact information. The Net Manager will be notified. Thanks for helping us out!

Training Ideas

Our Training Manager is always looking for ideas for training. If there is a particular topic you would like the net to cover, let us know! Please use the form below to submit your idea and our Training Manager may contact you for more information!