Amateur Radio Education Classes from QCEN/OHKYIN

From QCEN/OHKYIN: In a joint effort, both OHKYIN and QCEN will be offering a formal program for entry-level license study as well as upgrades to General and Extra class.  The approach will be new, and tailored to the Covid-19 situation we find ourselves in.  There will be no lectures or class presentations of material.  StudentsContinue reading

2021 Storm Spotter Classes

It’s that time of year when storm spotter classes are announced and scheduled. For 2021, they are going to do live Webinars for the classes. Here is more information: 2021 Storm Spotter Webinar National  weather Service classes will be conducted as live webinars with live Q&A. We will use the GoToWebinar software, which can hostContinue reading

Training Net Moving Tonight 04/23/2020

Trying to get this out early today. With the rain and the past issues with the 146.67 in the rain, we are moving the net to the 145.37 (PL123.0), even though we know it has a hard time hearing. Push your power tonight and please join us at the normal time.

Net Tonight 04/16/2020

Even though we know this is last minute, in case you see this in time, the 146.67 is down, so we are going to try to hold the 9:00 PM net on 145.37- pl 123.0. Please join us if you can.

Amateur Radio Exams, April 11 – Cancelled

From the DIAL Amateur Radio Club: The Amateur Radio License Exams scheduled for Saturday, April 11, in Fairfield Township [Ohio], are herewith cancelled.  We are hopeful that the exams on May 6 will be administered as planned. Please disregard information onthe ARRL web page and the Laurel Amateur Radio Club’s web page .