Flying Pig Still Looking for Ops

The Flying Pig Marathon is 12 days out, and we are TEN operators short. (There were about 55 jobs outside of net control last year, we have about 45 covered this year.)

***Please spread the word to your friends and clubs and ARES groups. We need to handle this event with the same effectiveness and class that have described the previous 19 events. Expected weekend participation, in the aggregate, will be a record. The Marathon is sold-out and the half is close.***

Signup details:

The link is: The group password is “ham” (what else would it be, really?)

Please sign-up in the marathon’s volunteer registration system so you’re included in the PR count, the T-shirt count, and so I don’t have to keep spreadsheets!

If you have an assignment preference (even if you’ve expressed it previously) please drop me a line with that information.

If you are concerned about privacy, you may use any birthday you want, the issue is just one of verifying that volunteers meet certain age requirements or are escorted (where/as appropriate). If you are “older than 18”, you’re good.

-73- de N8TFD/Steve
(513) 985-9844 “home”
(513) 552-5388 “work”
(859) 393-6563 cell

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