Little Miami Triathlon – June 3, 2018

Since this is close to our area and one we have helped out on in the past, the Little Miami Triathlon is looking for more operators. More information:

It’s still a bit over a month away, but this is a big event and we can use as much ham help as can be had.

We cover the bike portion of the race. The participants jump on their bikes at Fort Ancient State Park, ride 15 miles around the area roads and return to the park.

The bike part typically gets going around 9:00 AM and the last bike crawls around to finish by 3:00 or so. That means that we start to clear the course around 2:00, but we can use you even if you can only be there part of the time. The geography of the course creates a good test for mobile set-ups, but there are places that can be covered using a handheld radio.

Please contact to volunteer or to request further information.

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