Member Email Request Form

    One of the perks of being a member of the Hamilton County ARPSC is getting an email address.

    Our email addresses will come in the format of

    We offer our members two different types of email addresses:

    • Email Alias: This is an email address that will forward to another email account of your choice. An example you may be familiar with is like the email aliases ( Our aliases would work the same. You would need to provide us with the email address you would like this alias to forward to.

    • Email Account: This is a full fledged account hosted on our servers. You can use any mail application that you would like to as well as a webmail portal we offer as well (in case you are on a computer that is not your usual one). This does not forward to another account unless you set it to, but this is a full fledged email account that you would need to log into.

    If you want to request an email on our system, please fill out the form below. Your information will be checked against our roster and emails will only be issued to people who are on our roster.

    This form does not create the address automatically and you will need to wait till the account can be created. Remember that we are volunteers and it can take a few days for the account to be created, so please be patient.

    * Note that all fields are required unless otherwise noted.