Nets for All – Something to do while Quarantined

Since we are all trying to keep some distance, most if not all of us are forced into our homes and are being asked to avoid as much contact with others as possible. So while as hams we are looking to be able to transmit as much and as often as we can, we are trying to avoid transmitting a potentially life threatening disease. However, one thing we can transmit is some radio waves.

For something to do, get on the radio. There are so many options on how to do that right now, but we have added something that may help. If you look under the Nets drop down in the menu at the top of the page, we have added a section called “Other Nets”. Here you will find two calendars: One for local VHF/UHF nets and one for Digital/VOIP nets. The Local one lists local to Cincinnati/Hamilton County that can be reached.

The Digital/VOIP list shows Allstar, Echolink, DMR, YSF and D-Star nets. Note that this is not all nets since there are way too many to list and come and go. These listed are ones that have been and are checked into by our Webmaster.

If there are changes you notice need to be made or nets added, please email us at

Check them all out and hope to hear you on the Air!