Parking for May Meeting

The School Board lot that we normally park in for the meeting is still under construction and a new building is being built on that site. As a result, we will need to park in the small lot next to the Comm Center Building, for at least this meeting. DO NOT PARK IN THE SHERIFF’S LOT TO THE LEFT OF THE BUILDING!

Also note the the little cut through road (Civic Center Circle) between the library and the big lot is closed off at the comm center end and does not continue through from Hamilton Ave. You will need to turn onto Civic Center Drive from either Hamilton Ave or from Pippin Road.

Below is a map/satellite view showing the location of the lot and the road closure issues. The Yellow area indicates where to park and the red shows the road closure.

Talkin will be on 146.46 simplex to make things easy.

Any questions, please let Don, N8LMJ know.