Pray Hope Believe 5K

We’ve Prayed, Hoped and believe it or not, The Pray Hope Believe 5K is back again this year. After being gone for almost 2 years because of Covid, it’s back and better then ever.

This means that we are looking for some operators to help us out this year. Currently we are looking for 4 operators who would be able to help us this year.

The race will step off at 7:30 AM on July 4th. We would need to be on site and in position no later than 7:00 am to keep from interfering too much with the race.

Even i we get the 4 people we need, having a couple of people who could be contacted at the last minute as a fill in.

If you would be able to help us and would like to get on the list, please make sure to send an email to There will be a packet sent out over email that will have the operations plan in it, so an email is essential to get on the list.

Thanks for considering helping us out.