Queen Bee Half Marathon Looking for Volunteers

***NOTE: for the ARES teams out there, we recognize that this is SET weekend…Hamilton County ARES will staff the EOC radio room for this event and has committed to the level of effort necessary for this to succeed!***

Check out the route here: http://queenbeehalf.com/the-qb/half-marathon/

It is somewhat like the Pig without much of downtown, NKY, Hyde Park, and with the addition of Mount Lookout.
Starting gun is 730am with a 4-miler starting at 8am. Route will be closed at 18:00 pace so the event will necessarily be over before noon.

Here is what we’re being asked to provide:
11 water stops
someone with Iris   
someone with John   
someone with Shawn   
someone with Jeannette   
lead parade   
sweep bus   
4 courtesy vans (we expect to dispatch them from net control too)

I’d like to see 3-4 ops at net control (EMA facility on Radcliffe Dr. — please let me know if you are committed to this detail even if you’ve spoken to Bryan already.) So the total is 24-25. Tri-Health should provide medical radios and we’re working on the “interconnect” piece of that.

Volunteer registration system is not available right now — so I’m asking you to email/call me directly to express your interest. Let me know if you’re interested in last year’s assignment, or would prefer something new. Also let me know if you have any time or location preferences, whether you are new to the event or returning!

Thanks for your patience!

-73- de N8TFD/Steve
(513) 985-9844 “home”
(513) 552-5388 “work”
(859) 393-6563 cell