Ragchew Net Preamble


<Items in Italics are for informational purposes and are not to be read aloud>

Good Evening. This is <your call> calling this session of the Hamilton County ARPSC Ragchew Net.

This is a moderated Rag Chew net and is to bring our members and nonmembers together in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. This is a friendly net allowing us to share informal updates, have fun, make new friends, and of course – talk. We encourage new and old amateurs alike to join us.

This repeater operates on a frequency of 145.37 with a standard negative offset and requires a PL Tone of 123.0 HZ to open.

Since this is a rag chew net we do encourage stations to stay around and participate in the ongoing conversation. All stations will be worked in the order in which they checked in.

Each week there will be a different topic/question to help guide the conversation. As stations check in and are acknowledged by net control, they will be given the opportunity to respond to the topic/question of the week. When you are done, you are welcome to leave at your leisure, but we encourage you to stay for a second round of comments, to continue the conversation. However, please let net control know if you are in and out as well.

Upon checking into the net, please give your callsign, phonetically, your name, and your location. Announcements will be called for first and recognized by net control.

Your net control station this evening is <your call>, my name is <your name> and I am located in <your location>.

Is there any emergency, priority or time value traffic for the net, please call now.
<If listed, acknowledge and handle it, if none, allow repeater carrier to drop and then continue.>

Is there a station on frequency willing to serve as alternate net control?

<If so, acknowledge and continue. If not, continue anyway.>

Tonight’s Topic/Question is: <Give tonights question>

We will now start taking checkin’s for the net.

First, are there any stations with announcements for the net, if so please call now.

<Take any stations with announcements and have them give the announcements>

<Now take other checkin’s. As you acknowledge stations, give them the opportunity to respond to the topic of the week. As you get to the bottom of your list, call for that group one more time and then move on.>

<Remember to ID the net every 10 minutes>

I will now take check ins beginning with the first letter of your call sign suffix.
Stations A/H ALPHA through HOTEL,
Stations I/P INDIA through PAPA,
Stations Q/Z QUEBEC through ZULU

<Once you hit the bottom of the list on your second call for stations Q to Z, Give a call for any other stations, check them in, let them give their response and then go back to the top of your list, asking if they have any additional comments for the net.>


As I prepare to close this session of the Hamilton County ARPSC Ragchew Net are there any questions, comments, or announcements I may have missed?
<If any, acknowledge and handle. if none continue.>

While closing the net, I would like to thank all stations who checked in to the net and remind you that we meet every Thursday evening at 9:00 pm. on the 145.370 repeater and will be using this new format. You are all invited to check in again next Thursday and every Thursday evening at 9:00 pm. Also, you can visit our web site at www.hamcoarpsc.org.

This is <your call> closing this session of the Ragchew net at <time in 24 hour format> hours and returning the frequency to general amateur use.

This is <your call> signing the net clear and thank you for participating.

<Call your Alternate and confirm checkin totals and time with them>