ARPSC Training Net

Every Thursday at 21:00 hours local (9:00 pm)
145.370- (PL 123.0)
Training Net Preamble

Note: Due to some signal issues because of the placement of the 145.37 repeater, until farther notice, we are conducting the net on:
146.67- (PL 123.0)

Net Manager: Cameron Cord, KC8UVM
Training Manager: Terry Boyle, NF8B

Training Net Control Reporting Tool to submit Net Reports to the net manager.

Click here for a Net Control Station Log sheet in Excel format.
This NCS sheet may be used for any net.

The Training Net is always looking for Net Control Stations. Would you Like to volunteer to be a Net Control for a Thursday Night? Use the form below to get on the schedule! The next 4 available dates are shown. Any questions, contact the Training Net Manager.

Net Date:

The Training Manager is always looking for new ideas for training topics. Let your voice be heard. If you have an idea of a good topic for training, please submit it below!

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