Recommended Training

The following are recommended training courses for our members. Not only will this help you understand our role in various events, but these can also help you when working with other organizations and meeting their requirements.

ARRL Online Courses
These can be found in the ARRL online course Catalog at

  • Introduction to Emergency Communication (EC-001)
    • Note: This replaces the old ARRL ARECC Courses
  • Public Service and Emergency Communications Management fro Radio Amateurs (EC-016)

National Weather Service Spotter Courses
Each year near the beginning of spring, the NWS sponsors Spotter Training Courses. To find out about these courses for the Wilmington, OH offfice:

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
CERT Training is not required, but is certainly something good to have. Any training opportunities that are available for the public will be shared via the training net, the website and the email group.

FEMA Independent Study Courses/Emergency
FEMA provides the Independent Study Courses through the Emergency Management Institute. The entire course catalog can be found at

All of these courses are required by Ohio ARES, but they are not required by us. If you are a member of ARES, you will need these to work with other agencies and groups, you need to have these as a minimum:

  • IS-100.b – Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS)
  • IS-200.b – ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
  • IS-700.a – Intro to Incident Command System (ICS 100) for Federal Workers
  • IS-800.b – National Response Framework, An Introduction

These are not required, but are good to have:

  • IS-951 – DHS Radio Interoperability
  • IS-907 – Active Shooter: What Can You Do

These are also not required, but are good to get if you can get them. However, these are only offered in a classroom environment:

  • ICS-300 – Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents
  • ICS-400 – Advanced ICS

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross offers training courses as well that may be of some use to our members.
You can find the whole list at
Other Recommend training to get from them are:

  • Shelter Operations
  • Disaster Assessment

Other Training
Here are some other miscellaneous training opportunities that our members might like: